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Eric Harris’s sense of superiority came from his feelings of inferiority. His anger and hatred came from the fact that he hated himself. It seems that the lack of sexual and social success frustrated him a lot.
”yeah I know that I hate liars and I am one myself, oh fucking well. It’s okay that if I am a hypocrite, but no one else, because I am higher than you people, no matter what you say if you disagree I would shoot you.”
”I have always hated how I looked, I make fun of people who look like me, sometimes without even thinking just because I want to rip on myself. That’s  where a lot of my hate grows. The fact that I have practically no self-esteem, especially concerning girls and looks and such.”
”You know what maybe I just need to get laid. Maybe that will just change some shit around. I am a fucking dog. I have fantasies of taking someone and fucking them hard and strong.”
His anger made him homicidal and it appears that he did not have any self-control on his killing thoughts. Everything that pissed him off  made him homicidal:
”Therefore I get no respect and therefore I get fucking PISSED as of this date I have enough explosives to kill about 100 people, and then if I get bayonets, swords, axes, whatever I’ll be able to kill at least 10 people and that just is not enough! GUNS! I need GUNS! Give me some fucking firearms!”

Blac is like Bish whet!?

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Dylan Klebold’s girl by ghostlygabs featuring a black t shirt
Black t shirt, $3.96 / Rag & Bone cut off shorts / Jansport Backpack

What the actual fuck is this bullshit???
This is a fucking fad??? Some idiotic hipster shit I wasn’t aware of???
You guys want to be so much like Dylan and Eric follow in their footsteps and blow up your fucking skull. This is not cute. 
Look at who you are fucking idolizing, you loved them so much why dont you go and fucking donate to a bullying cause instead of just prissy prancing around dressed like them,